Yuki Cat Store Fund

by Bella Akers-Douglas
(West Sussex)

This is it, my big start. It has been my dream for a long while to own my own company. Hell, I've tried, clothing, art, prints, the lot. It's not easy though, I guess I rushed into those thinking that everything would go as planned and be successful, at least I learned from those mistakes. I've always wanted to be my own boss, I'm a free spirit, I prefer to be able to have the freedom to run things how I feel they should be run. I've always worked more efficiently by myself than as a team. Though maybe one day I'll be successful enough to employ (and don't worry if I hire you it'll be the best job ever. - promise!). Anyway, yeah. It's time to make my own dreams come true.

This is one of the most important things I'll do in my life, this convention booth is huge. Thousands and thousands of people with interests in japanese culture, trends, kawaii and lolita styles and more will be walking through that convention. This convention is huge and it's the best chance I have at a jumping off point. This is why I need help. It is the time for me to take a chance and to take that chance I need a little bit of help.

Yukicat was first brought to my imagination around two years ago. Yuki is the japanese translation for 'snow' and snow is one of my favourite names. As I planned to base my product style as mainly 'kawaii', 'chibi', and japanese trends, I thought the cross over of words and meanings fitted well.

I've been researching for two years on how I'd run my store, what I'd sell, how other stores reach success and gain publicity. I feel I have every tool in the book now to make this shop a success. If I can launch this, it'll be amazing!

With every new business, there are of course the dreaded start-up costs. I've researched and the amount of supplies I'll need to acquire to have stock for launch will be a fair amount. I'll be needing a fair supply of fimo polymer clay, this will be what I'll use to create a large majority of the products I'll be selling. It's probably the most important product, and it's not that cheap either, but It can go a long way. There are other supplies for instance decorative supplies will be needed for detail, beads and rhinestones ect.

The second area is the funding for a booth at London Comic Con. I want to be able to hit LCC with a bang, so that I can give my store and cosplay work the boost it needs. I never dreamt of actually being able to have one of the booths there, I thought that was way above me. But I think I can do it, and if I do, I know what could happen next would be magical.

The last is help funding my cosplay work, making costumes and props, getting to cons and shoots/collabs. I want to keep bringing you the very best, but help is always needed if it's able to be given.

As my campaign covers a few areas, I figured I'd rather make one than several separate campaigns as that would get confusing. I can understand if you want to help me use your money specifically for something, a part of my cosplay, towards my shop, that's fine! If you'd like me to post an image of what your help has specifically aided with, that would be awesome, I'm totally happy to do that. If you want to make it known what you are donating for specifically, message me on here or on my facebook page and let me know what you want me to put it towards so that I can make a note of it and put it aside for that purpose. I want each of you to know exactly how much you've helped.

What I need is around £1500 to make LCC work, I'm getting exact quotes on booths over the next few days so if that figure changes I'll make that known! I'm just going on information given to me by past booth owners, but apparently it varies a lot! Especially with the cons growing popularity recently. I am SO excited to be doing this on my own, but a start up business is a hard thing, I don't have the funds for the booth. That's where you come in, help me get the funds to get a booth at LCC!! and hopefully boost me into a happier, secure and more successful life!

Hopefully this is the only time I will need to do this, I am hoping by next year I will have taken off enough so that I will not need the fundraiser. I hate asking people for money. This is my exception, I am 110% determined and serious to do this because it will be a great starting point for me.

Cosplaying has taken my world by storm. I'm addicted to it, the community is so friendly and vibrant. I just want to immerse myself in it. I want to be like Jessica Nigri, Monica Lee and Lynsay Elyse! It's a dream of mine, to be up there with them, doing what I love the most and owning the most awesome shop ever.

One day I'd want to open YukiCat as a shop in London, maybe Camden? Where you can shop for adorable kawaii jewellrey, accessories, lolita clothing, cosplay help, anime and everything you could ever dream of! And you guys could come down and see me. That would be amazing! Help me get there!

Yay Rewards!:
REWARD SYSTEM!! This is the important part, right!? What do you get for helping me out! A lot of people on my facebook have been asking me to sell photos/signed/personalised photos of my cosplay, modelling or future cosplays. I have a LOT of shoots planned and lined up, so there will be loads more potential images for prints coming up. So here it is... this is your chance to get those photos you've been asking about! Other rewards include products I have currently, discounts on the products in my store once launched, or even free products (what and how many depending on the donation!!) You can read more about it when/if you're ready to make a contribution!

All prints will be signed, if you choose an advertising perk please contact me on facebook and tell me what you would like me to advertise - http://facebook.com/bellajynxSM or http://facebook.com/bellajynx

The "Impact"

Although the impact may not be of worldwide significance (unless YukiCat takes over the world with fuzzy kawaii awesomeness) it really is the significance it has on my world. This is my world, yes I am a cosplayer, but that is not who I am. I am an artist, a very driven and determined artist and I am trying very, very hard to get off the ground with my company, spending every last bit I can spare right now on it, what little there is. You will be helping to make my life happy, hopefully much more secure, lifewise, financially, mentally. And I will bring that joy back to every single one of you that helps. I will visit all of you one day, because this is my dream, and if you can help me do that, I will be forever in debt and thanks to you.

I have dabbled in freelance writing, editing, photography and art, but they are very inconsistent and difficult to keep up with, and not something I can rely on. I have worked with others previously, in teams and in partnerships, but now I am on my own and I strive for more than just 'relatively successful'. I am serious when I say I am aiming for the top. If I feel like I can do it, there is no stopping me! It is easier to make success of something I have full control over, where everything is made by me, designed by me, ect

It says here to make people build trust. I am hoping many of you have built trust with me and I with you, because some of you have been here from the start and have been some of the nicest people I've come across in my entire life. You all know me, you have seen me go through a lot. I'm now going for my own nerdy custom design work, and all the while trying to keep up with awesome cosplays to keep people entertained and be involved with whatever I can be. I am a frequent supporter of small businesses and other campaigns and I hope those of you I supported will support me too. I am happy to answer any questions people have and I will also be posting progress on events, prep and anything else that would be of interest to some of you. Instagram and facebook will always have my progress up to date. I think what I'm really trying to convey here is that I am a real person with a real business goal. I'm not asking you to fund school loans, or a family problem. I am not against supporting, I'm just asking for myself. To get me to a better place, where I can make my business take off.

Other ways you can help,

Spread the word! Share this link around wherever you can!
Even if you just put in £5 and get some friends to put in £5, it will help tremendously!

LINK ~ http://www.gofundme.com/ad0jrs

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