XN is is a upcoming sole trader business with interest in owning and operating a fuel station alongside fast food store.

by Neruth Xaweb
(Windhoek, Namibia)

Fuel industry has never failed, motor vehicle owners are on constant increase and the demand is high on present fuel stations to sustain the growing number of vehicles.

My interest is to get funding to buy a fuel service station and fast food franchise, fast food franchise being the bait to attract customers to the fuel station to satisfy their gastronomical needs while refueling their vehicles after a long journey.

Namibia is named the sixth world's top tourist attraction destination, with world class mines in uranium, diamonds and copper, Namibia also has healthy agricultural industry mainly fishing and beef exports, thus many investors flocking to Namibia, Though small country yet attracts thousands of outsiders alongside locals using the road network in need of fuel.

This are not the only attraction, but Namibia's economy is stable, healthy democracy, war free and a great justice system protecting all.

Before I can own a franchise or apply for a fuel retail licence I have to proof that I have capital to buy and set to this franchises.

XN is open to partnership with skills or funds.

Any potential investor is welcome to contact me at neruth@icloud.com

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