Waste to Energy Project in South Africa seeking Investment

by keith claxton
(cambridge, England)

They have two plants that will be established on Municipal landfill sites under Municipal license and they have 20 year PPA agreements and several off take agreements in place.

They do not have to purchase land because the sites currently belong to the Municipalities (local government) and that is being supplied under license

The first two plants will be capable of producing 20 tonnes per day and only two plants will be erected at this point, but if more funding is made available, these numbers will be increased.

The cost per tonne as per cash flow forecast = $164.59 per tonne per day per plant. The cost per kilowatt comes to $0.015cents resulting in approximately 6.7kw to every $1USD.

Other research documents and information is available on request once we know your requirements hereto. They have done extensive research on the MSW crisis and electricity supply for a number of years and secured a PPA and a number of off-take agreements with regard to the by-products generated by a WTE plant. They have had several workshop and meetings with major role-players to date and have been invited to conduct more workshops countrywide.

They have a signed PPA for 20 years and several off take agreements and land is available and we have permissions to operate under local government licences.

They are also in the process of entering into new agreements with other local governments (Municipalities) in other Provinces.

They will be using Municipal solid waste (directly from landfill sites), but the plants can also process scrapped tyres, conveyor belts, black wattle trees, manure etc. Producing high quality by-products i.e. LP Gas, Oil and char for which we have signed off take agreements (already sold). They will also obtain Grants from Government not included in cash flows or feasibility studies and carbon credits will be a major income source for the company

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We are ready to provided the required expertise and 95% of the total investment financing.
by: Okey Leonard Enyinna

Dear Keith Claxton,

Please do let me know if this investment proposal is still open.


Okey Leonard Enyinna



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