Veteran Owned Vacation Home Rental Company

by James Krachinski
(Highlands, TX 77562)

New Style of Vacation Home Rentals

Short Summary

Hello I am James Krachinski and I am a disabled veteran. I am starting a vacation rental home company. The plan below provides the detail for a one of a kind vacation experience. I want to provide a service that has never been done to this level. When you donate you will enable me to take the next step in making peoples dreams come true on their vacation. (Links to Indiegogo campaign at the end of this page).


ICS Consultant Group will launch its business with three vacation homes. Over the first three years, ICS Consultant Group has the following objectives:
•Purchase 3 homes with swimming pools in Florida that are on a canal leading out to the ocean
•Purchase 21ft to 24ft boats that will be at the dock of each home
•Build a tropical bar and BBQ pit at each home by the pool
•Steadily increase revenues each year
•Achieve a 50% retention rate of customers from year 2 to year 3


ICS Consultant Group will offer competitively priced vacation home rentals oriented for families and couples to enjoy at Florida’s most popular vacation destinations. The business will seek to offer families and couples the balance of relaxation and excitement they seek by providing options for activities to suit both individuals and groups.

Keys to Success

Keys to success in the vacation houseboat business include:
1.Impeccable upkeep of the vacation properties to maintain the luxury of the accommodations
2.A wide variety of activities and services to promote and suggest to families
pricing to encourage year-round utilization of the property and boats
Company Summary

ICS Consultant Group offers vacation home rentals in Florida’s most popular vacation destinations to large families and groups of families. The business was formed in 2012 and will launch in 2015 upon funding. ICS Consultant Group was founded by James Krachinski, a U.S. Air Force Disabled Veteran.

Company Ownership

James Krachinski established ICS Consultant Group as an LLC. James will retain 100% of the company and will receive a loan, investments or crowdfunding to make up additional required capital.

Start-up Summary

ICS Consultant Group will invest in the establishment of three vacation rental homes in Florida not to exceed $250,000 per home including renovations, purchasing the boats and building a bar / BBQ area by the pool.

The website, brochure, and advertisements will be detailed in the marketing strategy section and Web plan.

The standard vacation home will vary in its amenities; however they will all have the following as standard amenities:
•3 Bedroom
•2 full bathroom
•Fully equipped kitchen (refrigerator, freezer, range/oven, etc.)
•Central air and heat
•Bar / Barbecue
•Swimming Pool
•21ft to 24ft Boat at private dock
•Fully Furnished

Basic rental rates will depend on the season:

Summer Season (June 1 - August 31)
•Weekly - $1650
•4 Days - $1400
•3 Days - $1200

Spring/Fall Seasons (May and September)
•Weekly - $1400
•4 Days - $1200
•3 Days - $1000

Off Season (October 1 to April 30)
•Weekly - $1100
•4 Days - $650
•3 Days - $600

Seasonal rates are based on peak usage times in Florida. Prices are competitive with other vacation home rentals in Florida.

Market Segmentation

The key market segments for vacation rentals are described more fully below:

Young Couples: Aged 21 to 39, young couples without children look for romantic getaways as well as high-energy activities (ski boats, beaches, hiking, diving, etc.). While some may be wealthy enough to rent a luxurious vacation home with all the extras, many have to stretch to rent a basic vacation home. It is more difficult for these young couples to put together a group large enough to afford a large vacation home, but they may be able to use smaller vacation home with fewer amenities.

Older Couples: Aged 40 and up, although some within this age bracket will still be very active and self-identify with young couples, older couples without children look for romance and relaxation. They seek quieter activities such as fishing, light hiking, etc.

Families: Couples or individuals with children. They require a mix of relaxation for parents and high-energy activities for children. They may also require creature comforts for the children, such as entertainment centers, which couples can do without on a vacation.

Web Plan Summary

The website for ICS Consultant Group will offer a great deal of information both for potential renters/vacationers. The site will inform these parties about the offerings of ICS Consultant Group, availability of properties and allow them to move forward by using a simple reservation form to make reservations online.

Website Marketing Strategy

The website will target young couples and families interested in Florida vacations. The site will be marketed through the following tactics:
•Banner ads on travel-related websites
•Google AdWords text ads
•Listing in vacation home databases and websites
•Search engine optimization undertaken by the initial Web developer and an ongoing SEO firm

Development Requirements

The website will provide the following information:
•Services offered by ICS Consultant Group for renters (descriptions and photos)
•Basic Rates
•Activities in the area (links, photos and more information)
•Contact information (email only as phone is withheld to reduce time spent on phone by Hopkins)
•About Us – James Krachinski background, business values, vision
•Policies and procedures for rental
•FAQs - How to pack, details on other rules, etc.
•Availability Calendar
•Reservation request form (with credit card payment)

All copy will be produced by ICS Consultant Group and the coding and design of the website will be through a Web design firm for $5,000.

Links to the crowdfunding campaign:


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