Veteran needs start up funding for new business that will benifit entire area

by jeff vangorder
(portland or)

Brief overview of What-The-Buck—Gifts &More

What-The- buck—Gifts & More will be a retail gift shop here in Portland Oregon. I will be attaching a small list of the types of products that we will be carrying on the second page of this overview. The shop will have approximately 3000 product ranging form small figurines to designer tables and everything in between. With prices from $9.95 up to several hundred dollars for some of the tables there is something for everyone. The thing that will be different about What-The-Buck—Gifts & More will be the newly developed fundraising program that will be incorporated as the main advertising and marketing for the business. With over 1,300 public schools and all other youth groups and youth sports teams all looking to do fundraisers to potential is limitless. What the major different about our fundraising program is that we are able to offer $0.60 on the dollar return to the group doing there fundraiser. There is no other program out there that can match that return. The closest program that comes close is a program that requires the sale of candy bars and they get $.0.50 for each candy bar. If that same person sold just one $10 gift certificate they would get $6. They would need to sell 12 candy bars to equal the same profit of just one $10 gift certificate. The following is an example of one of the local high school bands that likes the program and will be interested in using our program once the shop is up and running. Here is the example fundraiser for that group.
There is 80-100 members of the band every given year. This example will go off this year’s number of 90 members. The goal will be that each member sell at least 10 $10 gift certificates (GS). A group this size and age range will sell approximately the following amount of Gift certificates.
90 members 10-$10 Gift certificates each = 900GS $9,000 with 60% to group =$5,400
$25GS =15 = $375 with $225 going to group, $50GS = 10 = $500 with $300 going to group
5 $100 GS =$500 with $300 going to group

Total number of GS sold 930 with total $10,375 with a total of $6,225 going to the band. This group would need to sell over 12,000 candy bars to raise the same amount. And with each gift certificate only redeemable at our shop that is over 900 new customers for What-The-Buck—Gifts & More. With the terms and conditions on the GS each one will profit the business $4.95. On a $10 GS it will read This Gift certificate is redeemable at What-The-Buck—Gifts & More on purchases of $14.95 or more. So each GS will profit the business Approx. $5 each. With the number of schools and groups in Oregon the growth potential is unlimited.
Within the first 10 years the plan is to have a physical shop in every major city on the west coast. In addition to that I plan on turning this in to a franchise so this program can spread across the country. I hope you can see the potential in this business and are willing to fund its start up. Thanks for taking the time to consider this investment.

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Re: Still need capital?
by: Anonymous

Hey Jeff,

I saw your post and read through it. I might be able to help. I am not far from you (Vancouver, WA area). Can you send me your requirements to: info(at)amcapitalsource(dot) com?

Thank you,


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