Valla Movie

by Melissa Butler
(Raleigh, North Carolina, USA)

Returning to the mental asylum where she was held, Valla, now a therapist meets a patient with symptoms of a demonic possession.

With your contribution you can help make not only a film but a media franchise.

Valla Evans arrives at Good Hope Mental Institution for a consult on a particular challenging patient. Over the next few days Valla discovers the events that drove the patient mad and uses her supernatural gifts to cure her.

“Valla” is an adaptation of an original story that revolves around a patient named “Trudy”. Trudy is the twisted story or what happens after a young girl in possessed. Thought to be insane she is locked away for years. Trudy, still an innocent child; unable to flee the entity who lashes out in an attempt to keep Trudy to herself. Valla and the Doctor’s of Good Hope promise their final treat will rid Trudy of her possessor.

VALLA is a short film. It is the first in a franchise that follows Valla Evans in five different mediums. The short, a feature film, a series, a companion web series, and two books.

The series and companion web series pick after the events of the short. The series is a more broad story. Where we get to know the staff and the institution.

While the short, series, and companion web series are set in the present the feature film we delves into Valla’s origin story.

GOOD HOPE, is the companion web series to Valla. Each episode will correspond to an episode in the series. GOOD HOPE focuses on the patients and what lead to their commitment to the mental institution.

The books are diary’s of two of the main characters in the series, Valla and Emily. Each book is a compilation of stories, poems, thoughts, and drawing that each character has collected over the years as they have tried to make sense of the supernatural world.

The writer’s have worked hard to create a world that the viewers can get lost in.

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