US$100 million soft loan /investment partner for Sukhodaya Gardens, Kerala, India

by Dr Prabha Nambisan
(Peechi, Thrissur, Kerala,India)

"Sukhodaya Gardens" is a new partnership firm with my self, my husband and my son as partners.We are working in Kerala, India. I am the Managing partner. I am a medical practitioner. My husband is a scientist & My son is a student

We are doing business on sustainable agriculture, farm - eco - health tourism, sustainable housing . The project will be quite relevant in the context of imminent climate change.The project is a priority area under Reserve Bank Of India/Govt. of India for Foreign Direct Investment

The project cost/investment is US$ 100 million which we require in the form of long term non collateral soft loan.

To initiate the project & to come up with a detailed project proposal we need an initial immediate funding of US$ 2 million as first installment.

Balance loan disbursement in 3-4 installments in the first year.

Repayment holiday: initial 2-3 year flexible,

repayment duration: 10 - 20 years - flexible,

interest 2- 3 % per annum

Dr Prabha Nambisan
Managing Partner
Sukhodaya gardens, Vilangannur, Peechi, Kerala,India,680653
+91 9446378940,

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Investment details
by: Sukhodaya gardens

For details contact undersigned showing proper proof of genuine interest &financial potential of investor.

Reply to comments from 'anonymous'
by: Dr Prabha Nambisan

Dear Anonymous person !

If you want to know the details please provide your details to show that you are a genuine investor. Writing silly comments in anonymous names is not going to serve any purpose.



Dr Prabha Nambisan

You have to be kidding!
by: Anonymous

Where is the project plan? How much money are you putting in?
Looks like a soft touch to take $2m and run, if you can find enough wood-ducks to invest.

What about Pearls, doesn't anyone understand risk?

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