by Deborah Flansburg
(Albany NY)

UNIR1 is a complete music business. UNIR1 is seeking funding for touring. With touring comes jobs. Employing independent artists, vendors, and selling merchandise.

With your funding, UNIR1 would be using it for deposits on fair grounds, permits and security. UNIR1 would be making our events family oriented, inviting craft vendors, food, beer, and soft drink vendors.

Your funding can start something big. Banners and advertising also comes with your sponsorship, even selling company merchandise at our events. From there we would be approaching companies for sponsorship also. However many companies will not sponsor until the event is actually planned and paid for. That is where your sponsorship or investment would come in.

UNIR1 would be more then happy to share a percentage of our profits at our concert events for your investment.

There are over 60 million independent artists on the web, UNIR1 can also run contests, for an artist who gets the most votes can perform live at our events. With that we can use any and all corporate logos as our sponsor on every request for votes.

With our concert events, most of our profit will go back into our business to make us bigger and stronger. We plan to change the music industry, as it is in shambles now. How do I know that, we deal with many independent artists who have complained and complained about the way this industry is being run. Many are event getting taken for the last of their money and getting nothing for it. THIS MUST CHANGE as independent artists are not rich and use the last dollar to get their music heard.

UNIR1 has many contacts and work with grammy winners and hall of fame artists. Your funding can change everything, bring communities together with music.

We also have a video you can watch to get to know us better, and where our future profits would go http://youtu.be/FDgvwMjVOys

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