Trampolinn, the home swapping new generation !

by Hugo ALLARY

What is Trampolinn ?

Trampolinn is a home exchange community: The members are both hosts and guests; they make their accommodation available (may it be the entire place, a bedroom, a couch, a garden…) to welcome other members of the community. Then they obtain Trampolinn points in return for welcoming a guest in their homes. These points are a virtual currency which is used within the website to travel wherever and whenever the members want. Trampolinn aims at becoming a genuine social network in which the members would swap overnight stays in private houses or rooms at local’s

Why should we use Trampolinn ?

The economic and financial crisis of these past few years has allowed a new economy to emerge, called collaborative economy, which has deeply changed our consumption habits (carpooling, car-sharing, barters and loans of items…). Trampolinn is in line with this approach as it uses the new internet tools to their full potential (profile assessment, innovative connection techniques with social networks, automatic translation system, internal messaging system, sophisticated search engine, Like system, accommodations assessment algorithm…).

Here are some figures about tourist accommodation:

- Up to 3 million people have already used Couchsurfing (sharing of a couch at a host’s home = basic housing)
- 20 million overnight stays have been bought on Airbnb (prices are now approaching those charged in hotels = 100€ on average in Paris, for instance)
- 1 million home exchanges have been listed on HomeExchange (market leader) while 40.000 exchanges have been led in France in 2014
- One in two does not go on holiday anymore
- Accommodation + food = 70% of the holiday budget
- Global growth in the hotel industry = +2% while the growth in tourism = 5% => should we balance it or are we going to make the most of all these available unoccupied accommodations in order to become responsible « consumers »?

Though house swapping is experiencing high growth, its principle of reciprocity may be restrictive (A goes to B’s home while B goes to A’s home => same holiday date and duration, accommodation equity, attractiveness as a tourist destination…) and costly, as the annual subscription reaches around 150€. For instance, an individual from the small town of Saint-Etienne in France would have to spend 150€ on an annual subscription without any guarantee that he will go to New York since he first will have to convince New Yorkers to swap houses with him (not evident, sorry for Saint-Etienne).

With Trampolinn, placing an ad is free and a virtual currency has been added within the website in order to get rid of the reciprocity restriction: the overnight stay is points assessed. A member who hosts other members receives « points » according to the length of stay which can then be used to be hosted by another member of the community.

We believe that today’s economic environment may change significantly in upcoming years and that the sharing-based economy is only in its early stages. We intend to offer a fair alternative to the traditional hotel industry and to the renting. This designed alternative is based on mutual aid, equity and trust: the overnight stay swap between individuals!

One year on; what we have achieved:

Trampolinn was founded in March 2014 and we since have gathered over 25 000 members and over 11 000 accommodations across over 3500 cities in 134 countries.
Additional data:
- 150 000 monthly visits
- +180 stays
- +15% of weekly growth
- 40 000 exchanged messages between members
- +1500 reservation requests
- 8 full-time “employees in freelance” working on the project
- Incubated by TheFamily since March 2014
- 135K€ fundraising in May 2014
Business model:
- Transaction fees upon each stay (calculated according to the length of stay as on Airbnb)
- Sale of overnight stays (if you have hosted members during 5 nights but plan to travel for 1 week for instance, you can buy the 2 extra nights)
- Premium membership (premium features + concierge service + insurance…)

We are looking for around 500K€ for a 1.8M€ valuation for a closing in June 2015

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