Tours and travel

by Solomon
(Kenya Nakuru)

I have been working in the tours and travel industry for a long time and gathered a lot of experience and competence. As a result, I have a dream that one day I will own a tours and travel company of my own. I have done sound research with my own funds and now I am looking for people who can help me make this dream a reality.

Our total funding requirement is 75,000 Sterling Pounds. This will help us to buy all the necessary materials that we need, put all the compliance in place, and start operating. I look forward to sending you the perks that will be of great help to your planning for a life time vacation in Kenya. We believe that your contribution will bring us much closer to a successful campaign.

During the many years that I have been working in tours and travel industry, I have gathered a lot of experience that has made me to be very competent in this field. This has brought about the confidence that I have in this project that it will surely succeed. You will be one of the people who has helped bring my dream into a reality. Your contribution is therefore very valuable to the success of my project.

If you contribute now, your generous contribution will help me launch my project on time and as a result impact tours and travel industry positively and bring change to people planning to have a lifetime vacation in Kenya.

Your small or big donation is so important. It will be highly appreciated and will get us that much closer to a successful funding for my project. Please share this campaign on your social networks with your friends, family, colleagues and neighbors. THANK YOU for your support.

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