Tourism Is one of the Biggest Earners World Wide. An investment of $160M is needed

by Dawie van Vuuren
(Johannesburg South Africa)

Tourism is one of the World’s biggest earners World Wide, and after 2010 Soccer World Cup Tourism is Booming.
African Peaks will be a new venture, where management would like to get three hotels.
The first one will be in Johannesburg with 400 rooms where Tourists will spend 5 days to see this World class city with over 10 million people and surroundings.
Then we fly them up to Hoedspruit (200 rooms) where they will see the Big 5, Lion , Elephant, Buffalo, Rhino and Leopard , Blyde River Canyon (3 largest canyons in the world) and surroundings, for 5 days.
Then we fly down to Cape Town (200 rooms) for the last 5 days to see the beauty of the city and surroundings, and the Wine Lands.
A big Hotel group is interested in running the project for us.
That will give an income of 450 X $500 X 30 = $6,750.000 per month($81,000,000) pa.
An Investment of $160,000,000 is needed
I trust to hear soon from you.
African Peaks Greetings
Dawie van Vuuren
Skype: akuwaiseni1

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