by Thomas Mhuriro
(South Africa)

My main objective now is to develop my residential plot, 2205 square metres in size, outside the Kimberley CBD (Ronaldsvlei) here in South Africa by way of building 16x3 bedroomed units on 2x2 storey blocks.

This is an area that has not been serviced by the Municipality and so has the potential to handle pioneer projects.

My idea is to rent out these houses once completed.

Provision of borehole water, Solar power supported by a powerful generator form part of the project that needs funding before Municipal services could be brought to this part of the city.

The money from investors in this project will be recovered from the rentals collected monthly.

The need for affordable accommodation is going to escalate because of the University and new other developments in Kimberley.

The fact that we are dealing with a Provincial capital of the Northern Cape is critical in this regard. The university (Sol Plaatjie) Campus is just 5 kilometres from the plot; the airport is less than a kilometre and the Diamond Pavilion shopping mall is 3kms away.

It is my firm conviction that this project is strategically placed to make a significant impact in the city of Kimberley.

Please may you support this project that is estimated to cost US$400 000 but will bring in millions over a period of time.

Investors should expect to be repaid their dues in full within 10-15 years. Monthly payouts will commence as soon as the project is completed (This should take less than 12 months).

It is clear that after this period I am looking forward to get 100% of the profit but monies out there are needed to make this dream a reality.

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