Timberwolf Bus Lines looking for Angel Investors

by David Fortin
(Ohio River Valley)

Timberwolf Bus Lines is looking for Angel Investors to invest in a new bus company that will compete with Greyhound Bus Lines, with lower fares in most markets, less transfers and better customer service. We are looking for $300,000 investment over 4 years to start up the business in 17 cities in the Midwest to the Ohio River Valley to start, from St. Louis MO to Pittsburgh PA on 4 routes. We are looking to have a fleet of 6 buses to start and in 6-8 months to have a fleet of 15 buses with 30 cities, and 16-20 months have a fleet of 60 buses with 80 cities from Denver CO to New York City, to Atlanta GA. We are looking to be Nationwide in 3 years. If interested and any questions please send us an E-mail at Timberwolfbus@hotmail.com.
Thank you for your time
David Fortin

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