Ties-The Movie Feature Film Looking for funding

by Steven
(Charlotte, NC, USA)

Hello Everyone!
My name is Steven, an independent filmmaker from Charlotte, NC, USA.
I am working on a film and in need of funding. Me and my crew and cast are ready to start production ASAP.
We need $2,000,000 USD.
We have the voice of CJ from the hit video game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. CJ is voiced by rapper/actor Young Maylay and he is a part of my cast.

Overview of the film:
DaVon and his friends on on the verge of obtaining justice for their friend, Kristen who was stabbed to death in a robbery gone bad. This film takes you on a journey from North Carolina to Florida and even to the west coast in a very fast pace action and drama packed movie.
DaVon has friends involved in different affiliations from gangs to the police and all across the board. What happens next is that Kristen is found dead outside a night club after a confrontation with a rival gang member, Sarah. Sarah ends up confessing and sent to jail. In the meantime, Jose, his girlfriend, Sofia, District, and Jackie decide to get back at the killing and go kick some ass on the gang members, who weren't involved, that is apart of Sarah's gang. In due time, Dwayne, the leader of the gang, gets word of the beating and sets a hit on DaVon's brother Brian.
Soon after the high school graduation of some of the characters, including Brian and DaVon, Dwayne shows up at DaVon and Brian's house and shoots and injures Brian and flee the scene along with Sarah.
The tables have turned and DaVon along with all his friends chase Dwayne and Sarah beginning in Miami and heads out to Vegas and LA. Will Dwayne get captured? Will DaVon get justice? Find out in the highly anticipated film starring Nicky Charles, Steven Christian, Syd Diesel, and many more, Ties- The Movie.

Genre: Action/Drama

Email if interested: freestylefilms.queencity@gmail.com

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