by Thoron Environmental Services

Thoron Environmental Services is seeking a partner for manufacturing, speciality formulations of organic and sustainable, fertilizers, essential oil pest controls, soil builders along with laboratory and a 50c13 education and research arm. Based in Brooksville Florida.

Thoron is one of a few premier companies using NOP approved ingredients. Additionally, we sell complex natural NOP approved ingredient formulations and not single component products.
Thoron began operating as an oilfield services company, founded in 1993. Thoron was producing more natural, low environmental impact and biodegradable oilfield products. The following years saw Thoron add many more products to their line-up including natural bio-remediation products and USEPA FIFRA 25b exempt mosquito, whitefly and deer repellents. Currently, Thoron cultures more than 1,200 species and varieties of microbiological strains for bioremediation and plant growth enhancers.

Please contact us through the "Contact Us" page of this website. Mention "THORON ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES"

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