They Live In Fear Every Day Of Robbery and Assaults.You Can Help Stop It.

by Walter Peguise
(Raleigh NC)

For years I have been selling personal and home security products online to the general public. Do to rising home invasions in my local community directed toward our elderly neighbors,

I realize now that I have got to do more to protect a very vulnerable population in my own neighborhood and surrounding area.That means directly installing door and window security and safety hardware on the doors of our elderly vulnerable neighbors.

As we look around us we see a changing world that is becoming a more dangerous place to live.We see forced entry and home invasions coupled with assaults and attacks on property increasing daily. Many of us are able to make the adjustment to protect ourselves from these kinds of attacks because of our youth and financial resources.

However,this is often not the case for the elderly who see their physical ability and financial capabilities deminish as time goes by.Thes low life thieves are purposely targeting those least able to defend themselves.If there is one place you should feel safe,it's in your home, which is your refuse against the dangers of the world.Unfortunately this is not the case for far too many of our seniors.

We have got to do something to protect this Baby Boom generation that has contributed so much to our society.This SOS (Secure Our Seniors) campaign is my effort to do something.Help Me Help Them.

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