by Angelo Gotsis
(Hillside NJ)

Hello every body! We are so excited to bring our product the "Swiper" cutting board to Kickstarter. This is a product never seen before and has been featured in several places like ABC, CBS NBC and radio shows and more!

This cutting board is eco-friendly & antibacterial cutting board keeping you and you family "SAFE". It provides 4# products in one! It comes with a knife sharpener attached a squeegee to swipe liquids and debri right into attached draws. And has a chopper that detaches from Spatula. It also provides pull out draws on each side, one for your trash and the other side for all your cut foods. One trip is all you need to make to the trash.

We are offering this product with limited addition colors and "FREE" shipping only on Kickstarter. We will be on QVC coming December but not with the same offers. Come and check it out. Trust me your going to like this new innovative cookware product. Once you are there please share us.

Thank you and if you have any questions you can contact me thru our Kickstarter campaign,

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