the LOVE STORY by Mike Acker

by Mike Acker

Everyone loves a good story. Everyone loves to feel accepted. Everyone likes to feel good. God knows this. He knows intimately. He designed us. He created us. And he has a great plan for us.

Enter… the book SONG OF SOLOMON. Here the Bible tells us an incredible story of two people who love each, get married and enjoy the gifts that God gave them.

This is a story of romance. This is a story of sex. But most importantly, this is a story of real relationships and what relationships take.

As we open up this incredible story, we are going to see ourselves. We are going to see the same conflicts we experience, we are going to see the same struggles we face, we are going to see the same questions that we ask… but God invites us to go beyond the conflicts, struggles and questions. God invites us let go of our sin through Jesus and to embrace the way of devotion, selflessness and love…

Then… when this happens. Everything changes! I invite you join in. I invite you into the way of God for your relationships. I invite you read and then live the greatest love story.

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