The Future Fleet Parts purchasing

by steve toth
(detroit mich)

The goal is to create a group of dealership and aftermarket warehouses
to supply fleets(comm./gov) with a single web based source for parts
contract main. and vehicles, there is no service like this at the
present time, fleets in any number of publication have requested
this type of service, the problem cost and someone who understands
both side of the market and fleets, UI have run such an operation
before closing it down to take care of my mother and father, we
need 850,000$ plus to restart, funds can be returned with interest
and a buy out in 18 months, but to get to the 2015-2016 meetings
we need to move on this within the next 45 days, all tin numbers
and accounts are set up we can be up and running in 2 weeks, full
business plan and projected p&l, for further information call 313-
410-2746 or email at

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