The Extreme Workstation Toolbox

by Filipe
(Cascais, Portugal)

The Extreme Workstation Toolbox starts off where the original stopped.

Focusing on inspiration, the Extreme Workstation Toolbox is the ultimate solution for any car workshop or any other business, for that matter. This bench will help bring your business into the 21st Century.

With our Extreme Workstation you will have all your charts, tables, testing software , internet and all the tools you may need, in one place.

Covering all your needs the Extreme Workstation comes complete with a set of distinct and ever-important features, such as:

A High Definition Large Screen (also available a optional touch screen)

Several USB ports (to allow you to connect your interfaces and any other gear you may need)

A wireless keyboard and mouse placed on the top draw (this will allow you to work on the spot as well as from a distance)

A (removable) professional portable computer, out of the way (bottom draw) connected by a docking station. With this feature you will be able to connect your computer at your workshop as you arrive, take it home afterwords and, next day, connect it at the Extreme Workstation Toolbox, at the race track Pit Box.

More affordable models will have their own built in computer

The higher end models will have a server with a hard drive bay - on these higher end models, you will be able to travel across the world with your own hard drive containing all your tools and/or software, plug it in to one of the drive bays and work with your own operating system and your own software (the drive bay with its own hard drive controller will allow some operating systems to startup with no issues as if they were on your own computer)

The Extreme Workstation Toolbox is a must for any workshop. Your measurements and/or analysis take place in front of you but without being in the way. The large screen will allow you to see every small detail of your schematics and/or measuring software even if you are sitting in a nearby car or near its engine.

Begin your journey now.

There are no rules, just use your imagination. With this never-before-seen Extreme Workstation Toolbox, your workshop will enter the future.

We start by inviting you to crowdfund the first step of our journey. In return, we will be providing you with access to the inner workings of a work force team from its early days of development, revealing information that is normally a closely guarded secret, and providing you with the ability to vote on certain team decisions from our facebook page.

We are offering you the potential, of being involved, of getting the feedback and the inner stories.

Make sure you are ready to embark on this journey. The Extreme Workstation Toolbox aims to reach the ultimate dream wich is to have its place on every major workshop arround the world even reaching the motor racing world and many other exciting places.

The Extreme Workstation Toolbox will appeal to many groups of people who are interested in cars, fans, drivers and engineers. We are going to provide them unrivalled access to our team. Our EWT-Digital, a knowledge-sharing and e-learning portal will bring you closer to the action, and will allow you to learn and develop your own skills in the car world, whether you are an amateur or a professional.

By creating this new Extreme Workstation and by using the "world of the Internet", in a way no other manufacturer is using, we will bring the Car World closer toghether.

Your help will give us all the chance to be part of the team from the start. We will create a large community and we will start to see the power of a collective force that will attract the funds and partners to make this journey a success. Come and join us, help us create a piece of history.

We will start with a humble engineering workshop in Portugal, to go on and "dominate" the world.

We are recreating the tool box and its use. We are creating a product that will be "The choice" of all of the new generation top engineers and car technicians in the world.

The money from the first phase of crowdfunding will be used to build a more simplified version of the final product, bringing together the elements that are required for you to follow and contribute towards our early progress. From then on it turns into a much more engaging and powerful goal, divided into several different parts depending on your interest.

Interact with us

Members of EWT-Digital will interact and contribute towards collaborative decisions in a way no big-name company has attempted before. We will share everything from our search for the best componentes, right up to the first work bench build, tested and created. This toolbox will have software and will become the gateway for live telemetry, measuring and diagnostic by giving the major contributors a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the idea involved here. Major contributors will have remote access and live camera feed to the machine and will be able to work with it on spot.

Our online testing toolbox will include modules such as:

· Understanding the car and advice around set-up

· Developing a creative mentality

· Media training

· Advice from experts

· Suggested ideas from specialists

· As well as debriefs when we are testing and diagnosing

We will gather people with a lot of experience. This is your chance to get the same kind of insight that helped them reach the top.

How your money will be spent

We aim to have a Toolbox in place at Autodromo do Estoril. Major companies will be able to use it and “test drive it” on spot (including the prestigious F1 teams):

· Makes long-term investment more likely and more sustainable

· Makes sponsorship more attractive to brands

· Involves fans more than ever before

To put it simply the more we raise and the more people who show their support, the sooner we can develop the The Extreme Workstation Toolbox. And go places with it

Your £15,000 will give you:

· The front-end of a new EWT-Digital portal

· Providing you with the ability to watch and contribute to the team’s initial stages of development

· The ability to vote and interact on certain team decisions from the offset

· Regular video, written and audio updates until the team has been fully funded and formed

· A comprehensive prospectus that will allow us to go after the next big investment required to take this idea worldwide and make it part of every major workshop arround the world

Stretch Goals

Once we have passed the initial target we can start to progress the next phases without requiring additional investment straight away. When we reach a total of:

· £15,000 we will be able to start building and creating, more complex cloud-based experiences straight away, and start to assemble the back-office of the team

· Later we will look for additional investment so we can source our factory and assembly line.

What you get in return

Show Support

If you would like to simply show support for The Extreme Workstation Toolbox and keep up-to-date with our progress, you can invest just one pound. You won’t be participating in the experiences we have lined up, but your contribution helps confirm to our investors that we’re onto a good idea.


Contribute towards the development of The Extreme Workstation Toolbox in its early stages and join one of the EWT-Digital experiences. As a fan, or engineer you will be given a one-year subscription to the experience that interests you, with at least a 50% discount against the intended sale price when we launch.

Why share our secrets?

When people hear about The Extreme Workstation Toolbox they ask why we are happy to give away our secrets to our competitors. There are two reasons, transparency gets rid of the barriers that often create disharmony in a team and promotes even greater creativity. and secondly, if your competitors can only win by chasing your tail, then they won’t be able to hold pace for very long.

Our new The Extreme Workstation Toolbox challenges the current thinking of how a Workstation Toobox should be and modernises the fan/sponsor relationship. With the birth of the web and social media, the world communicates differently, resulting in a change in the way people interact and receive their information. This world of ideas is starting to catch up, but we feel it’s ready to go a step further.

In essence we’re proposing a new model for manufacturing, one where transparency and free-flow of information works to the benefit of the team, and the benefit of the participating individuals.

On our FaceBook Page we already have several requests for the product all we need is make it a reality:

Please email me more information on the product - Eric Min

What is the cost and do you have representation in Brasil - Claudio Sousa

You have like this ? - Bob G Bitar

We are in the main busines of auto repair tools we can provide you with measuring tools and maybe you can provide us with your products - Linda Li

Can you send to Venezuela and what are the costs ? - Enmanuel Rodriguez

I love your product, do you have representation in Brasil ? - Romeri Cunha Silva

These are just a few examples...

Help us make The Extreme Workstation Toolbox a reality!

As with all projects success is only possible when you overcome potential challenges.

The most important thing is that people show their support by participating in the campaign however they can. An investor would like to see huge uptake before they put serious money into funding a project like ours. The reason we’ve offered a one pound donation level is so supporters can show they believe this is a good idea whatever their financial situation. As such, your one pound will go a long way in creating history.

“The power of imagination makes us infinite.” – John Muir

Find us on Indiegogo:

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Feb 05, 2015
Thank you for the approval
by: EWT-Digital

Thank you for approving my project

I already have quite a few interest clients in this product. I can`t wait to see this project become an assembly line reality.

eg: Thank you very much interests me very much and you are in touch deceo success (Novatech Herramientas - Mexico)

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