The easiest way to securing passwords and information on the Internet

by Gurudatt Shenoy
(Mumbai, India)

WooisWoo Secure Social Network

WooisWoo Secure Social Network

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I have since 2009 researched and developed the best way to secure password and information on the Internet.

And in this regard developed three different solutions.

1. Split Identity authentication solution
2. Enhanced AES 256 encryption solution
3. Content Protection solution

These solutions have won national and international awards all of which are highlighted in the website

Now, the project has to reach the market. Companies are unable to understand or know how these solutions can protect their customers and their information and their data thus saving them money and time.

For this, there is need for significant marketing efforts through various means such as independent testing of the products, third party white papers, social media and online advertising besides direct networking and marketing activities.

Though initial Intellectual property rights have been secured, there is need to comprehensively secure through patent and copyright the IP of these products so others cannot copy or duplicate it.

A company has to be incorporated that is respected internationally with a board of directors and advisers from the online security industry.

All of this requires a significant amount of funding to get the project started which is pegged at 250,000 USD at the minimum for the first 6 months of operation. In these six months, the following objectives are to be achieved:

1. Incorporation of the Company.
2. Appointment of Advisers and Board of Directors.
3. Filing of Copyright / Patents.
4. Focused Marketing to get at least 3 large clients for a Pilot Project leading to final sale in the next six months.
5. Independent Testing and Whitepaper on the technology.

The return on this investment would be in the region of $1-6 million USD within the first year of operation calculated at per user per month fee of $10 for 100,000 user base of these two large projects which could be a Bank, Financial Institution, Government Body or a large private enterprise offering online services.

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