“The creation of the Child Educational Center”

by Tasbolat
(Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan)

Family from Kazakhstan is looking for a fund to realize the project “The creation of the Child Educational Center in Almaty (Kazakhstan)”.
It will provide services for:
- Conducting classes with young children (age 3-5 years);
- Preparing children for school (age 6-7 years) - pre-school education;
- Addressing knowledge gaps in school students (age 7-15);
- Training services in foreign languages;
- Conduct training for high school students (age 16-17) and adults for personal development;
- Preparing of the high school students (age 17-18) for final exams (united national test);
We are confident in the success of the business because:
- In the local market demand for education service is very high and it is growing constantly;
- Project will be implemented by my wife (her name is Gulmira): she has university education on speciality “Teacher – psychologist” and has a long experience in similar centers in Kazakhstan;
- We have a team of highly qualified specialists (with experience in the best childhood education centers of Kazakhstan) that are ready to start work immediately;
- We have knowledge of the local market and mentality, so it allows us to quickly orient in a local business;
- Educational process will be conducted in Kazakh, Russian and English, that is in high demand in the local market.
In the case of starting a business we are ready:
- to work for mutual benefit, to do business honestly, transparently, periodic (video or personal at place of the Project ) step by step monitoring of the business on your part;
- to offer for our Investors to take part in the venture and redemption period is 2 years: USD 50 000 + 25% (we are ready to consider other options, ex. payment of interest on a quarterly basis, semiannually or annually, etc. );
we are ready to send business plan and all the documents proving our experience and qualifications.
Please, help to find investors for USD 50 000 URGENTLY and help to create our dream – family business. If you can not fully fund us, we ask to fund part (at least USD 35 000 – 40 000 to start business and also to find a part easier than all sum). If you are interested we are ready to discuss with you all your questions in detail.
P.S. If we will be partners and you have interests in Kazakhstan, I can be useful for you (I know the country, the people, the economic situation, etc.).

Sincerely yours,
Tasbolat Assanov.

home tel. # +7 727 3798180,
mobile tel. # +7 777 3937446,
skype: t15175

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