THE ANSWER! is "Made of Question" - Help us record our debut album // Kickstarter campaign

by Rob Sugar
(Zagreb, Croatia)

THE ANSWER! is a new band from Croatia and we started our musical journey with the song "If I Had U" and our first EP "Prelude to THE ANSWER!".

Now we decided to finish our first full-lenght album titled "Made of Questions". We have everything figured out: the music, the story, the passion... Except the financial part... That's why we need YOU to help us reach our goal so we can share our passion with the world..


Because we know who we are, how we want to sound and believe that music should be expressed freely without limitations. That's the main reason we want to stay independent so we can share the music the way we create it. But recording an album is very expensive and we tried to do it by ourselves but we got stuck after recording 4 songs. So we're seeking your help to finish the album...

On our Kickstarter profile you can check out our music and everything about our project - updates, awards, fan packs and much more...

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