Text -to-3D, Raising Funds For Creating Content For Our Free TT3D Service Which Allows 3D Images To Be Created By Simply Typing Sentences.

by Richie Lopez

Everybody loves 3D, however to date, only a very small percentage of people are able to create 3D scenes and images. This is about to change; everyone will now have the power to create a 3D scene on his or her computer, mobile, tablet or any device in a matter of minutes by simply typing text.

Our goal is to give every English-speaking user complete freedom in his or her creativity. In addition to rendering cool 3D scenes, you will also be able to create games, and small movies using text and speech. This will change how we interact with 3D Graphics forever.

Text-to-3D (TT3D) is a revolutionary technology that enables anyone to easily create 3D objects, scenes and environments by simply typing text descriptions via their keyboard, and in the future by speech. This cloud-based technology is simple and free to use, and it has been designed to bring 3D modeling to the 99% of users who do not have the skills or budget needed for commercial 3D modeling software.

How Can You Use it?

For fun, Text-to-3D can be used for fun to create cool scenes, and then you can share your creative works via your social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

For businesses, as a unique marketing tool. TT3D extends product placement in a completely new direction by allowing companies to contribute 3D objects that promote their branded products or logos in the TT3D Cloud. Also, customized widgets for company websites for client engagement.

For education, for students to engage with the 3D world at an early age. Creating projects that can be worked on with multiple users building current and historical environments.

Communities to engage and create different worlds such as London in the 16th Century, or a town in the Wild West, a medieval or a futuristic environment.

What Are Our Goals?

Our goal is extremely simple: To bring TT3D into the hands of anyone who has always dreamed of creating 3D images, objects and scenes but do not have the skill set, time or budget to pursue 3D commercial software.

How Can This Be Done?

Everyone deserves the opportunity to engage in the 3D world, our goal is to bring this to you, delivered through your computer and other devices such as tablets, mobile phones and TV’s.

“The best thing about this new technology is that it is Free”

How Can You Help?

Join our mission and Pledge Now! Even if it’s $1, every pledge helps and will be greatly appreciated.

Spread the news! Tell all your friends and work colleagues about our IndieGoGo campaign through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social networks at your disposal.

Not sure what to say? Something along this line will be great: Help support #TT3D and bring 3D creation to everyone with our IndieGoGo campaign! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/text-to-3d

For full mission details regarding Text-to-3D (TT3D) please visit the campaign page, check out the available perks and help make TT3D happen.

Thank you
Richie and Team @BrainDistrict

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