Tennyson "Ignite" Funding Campaign

by David Pierre
(Charlotte, NC, USA)

Who is Tennyson? If you look at of some of the great singers today like Celine Dion, Josh Groban, Adele, and John Legend, you will see that they all had something special about them that set them apart and caught the attention of those who were in the range of their influence. When you experience what Tennyson has to offer you can easily place him in that category. I am not going off of just personal taste or opinion, but off of the reactions and words of the many people and fans we have encountered over the years of performing! Just recently Tennyson auditioned for The Voice and out of thousands of people he was selected to go to the 2nd round. The judges' eyes popped open when he started singing acapella "Give Me One Reason" by Tracy Chapman. Then, sung "Diamond" by Rihanna on the next round having a chance to advance to the Blind Audition on TV, but backed down from the competition. Reason being he didn't want to fully enter a competition in which he wasn't interested in the prize of signing to a major record label. His goal has always been to be an independent artist to always have total control of his music. That explains why many years ago he turned down an opportunity with Sony Records and Columbia Records. Of course, everyone thought he was crazy, but Tennyson sticks to his standards and will never compromise his musical and creative freedom for money or fame. Now with Tate Music Group in the picture he can exercise that freedom owning all the rights to his music. When Tate Music heard Tennyson for the first time they were very impressed with the quality of his music and appreciated the fact that his lyrics were clean, so they offered him a distribution deal giving this singer/songwriter the green light to sign.

Tate Music will only distribute his album to the extent that it is marketable. They have the capability of getting his album on store shelves nationally from local stores to corporate stores (like Best Buy, Target, Wall-Mart, ect...) there's very little limit to what they can do, but we have to promote Tennyson to the point that there is a demand for his music. If we do our part, they'll do their part. Not everyone who is signed with them do well, only those who are pro-active. This is why we're here on Indiegogo, to help Tennyson have the necessary tools and exposure he needs to accomplish his uphill ascent to stardom.

Check out the campaign to watch Tennyson sing, watch pictures, and more detail not only about his talent but his character as well. With your help, you get a chance to be rewarded with his pop album Ignite, T-Shirt, Wristband, Cap, Your choice of cover songs, and perform at your event!!!!!!!!!!!!

go to http://igg.me/at/tennyson

note: First 100 backers get the digital album 'IGNITE' on CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!

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