Startup Golf Platform that will disrupt the golfing industry in a big way looking for $450K in seed funding

by Michael Huh
(Charleston, SC) is a startup social networking platform that will allow golfers to share and connect all aspects of their golfing lives like never before. We want to help grow the game by making it more open for everyone.

Golf is a social sport by nature, golfers love to share and talk about their golfing experiences and make new golfing friends. The saying is true, play 18 holes of golf with a stranger and by the time you are done, you are best friends.

The problem with golf is that finding playing partners who match your skill level, playing style and other criteria's is difficult to do. Golf courses will pair you up with anyone available but most of the time, it's not a great fit. Golf is also a difficult sport to get into for the true beginners. It can be a bit scary to just go to a golf course by yourself and it may seem closed minded to outsiders. And as we all know, golf can be very expensive and golfers are always looking for ways to save money playing the game they love.

Golfalong will solve all these problems and more. Think Facebook meets eHarmony for golfers. Think Udemy for golfers. Think Groupon for golfers. Think Kayak for golfers. Golfalong is the one stop shop for everything golf related and we want to help grow the game by making it more open for everyone.

Because our demographic is very niche specific, and because all of our products will be tied together on our social graph, we will be able to do things very unique. Our deals model for instance is something no one else in the "deals" space is doing. And as for revenue, our niche demographic of golfers are a gold mine for brands to market their products and services too.

Golfers spend money on golf and things related to golf. On average, a golfer will spend over $2,000 per year on this sport. Facebook earns around $5 per year to every user they have. We believe we can do $15 per year to every user Golfalong gets.

Full Business plan, Executive Summary, Pitch Deck and Demo Presentation available.

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