Startup equity and debt fund for Indian TV serials

by Ishita Mitra
(Delhi India)


I would like the opportunity to speak with you about my new company, Largest media and mass comunicetion Pvt Ltd. Largest media and mass comunicetion Pvt Ltd is best summarized as: To produce a pilot project for a TV serials and title song recording the serial base on Religion movement between 1500 to 1700 BC a through music by Religion ..

Largest media and mass comunicetion Pvt Ltd is currently looking for early-stage financing and I have completed my masters degree in media and mass communication residing in Delhi India I am 28 years of age single never married.
I like to set up a permanent production house based in India for national and international TV brodcuster. I have experience team from industry for achieve my goal.

If you are interested in Largest media and mass comunicetion Pvt Ltd, let's connect to discuss the opportunities.

for maximum return of your investment

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