Start-UP Blaster, Inc.

We are currently seeking an angel investor for a consumer oriented business. Our company, Start-UP Blaster, Inc. is a "start-up" helping start-ups reach global emerging markets and we are presently in the growth stage of seeking an investor to get us to the next level of success.

I am reaching out to a few investors in an effort to secure a small investment and equity stake in our company.
The good news - we have already contractually become the exclusive distributor for several innovative companies (including two Mark Cuban Co., (WhiteyBoard and Lollacup) OrigAudio, Ubooly and others).

And we are in the final stages of closing deals with major retailers in Mexico (including Liverpool, Home Depot, OfficeMax and others).

If you or any Angel investors you know might be interested, I'd appreciate any leads/advice you can provide. Here is a brief synopsis of our offering -

Seeking $100K for 15% equity stake

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Stallion Gates is A LIE
by: Anonymous

Mr. Halloway promises the world and doesnt come through. to state that he can fund within 24 hours is a lie! He will ask for money upfront and continue to come up with bs stories to take more money. Dont bother speaking with him.

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