Start up non-profit designed to provide accessible housing to people with special needs.

by Paul Christian
(Deltona, Florida)

I am Paul Christian and I have started a new non-profit that will provide accessible housing to people with special needs, such as; Veterans, The Elderly, The Disabled and anyone else with special needs. We have soldiers that are coming home missing parts of their bodies. The government provides medical care but when it is time for them to leave the hospital, there is no one to build ramps, widen doors, change door knobs to levers and all of the thousands of other things that need to be done so that they can live as normal a life as possible. Even if you don't agree with the politics that put our sons, daughters, wives, brothers in harms way we need to support the men and women that made sacrifices and left parts of their bodies in places that most of us can't point to on a map or villages that most of us can't pronounce. They deserve the right to live independently and be self sufficient. That in my opinion falls under the pursuit of happiness and should be made readily available to every American. One thing that sets us apart from every one else is our aftercare program. When our client is settled in their home we offer classes like balancing a checkbook, building a budget, financial literacy and education and employment opportunities, that will help them be self sufficient and proud members of the community.
All of this is possible with your help getting one or two projects completed to show we know what we are doing and attract the sponsors needed to do this on a large scale.

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