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Over 90% of the western world, regardless of age, creed or colour enjoys French fries. Spudzy is a chip-on-wheels kitchen serving up different styles of healthy fries, with a variety of toppings and seasonings.

Spudzy is a mobile food company that prepares tasty fries for daily street trading and special events such as concerts, fetes, markets, sports and corporate events or any public gathering that provides the ideal business opportunity.

We aim to take a share of the takeaway market, by offering the same convenient service, but with a fun and expedient product. Customers enjoy freshly cooked French fries or other delicious quick-fried snacks topped off with their choice from the Spudzy selection of mouth-watering designer dips and toppings. Our menu consists of established favourites – salted fries, peri peri fries, garlic fries, masala chips, cheesy chips, bhajia’s, curry chips, beans and chips, sweet potato chips, banana chips, plantain – cooked in the best way possible using as little salt, sugar and fat as taste allows, so no need to feel guilty! Our fries are accompanied with a variety of sauces and seasoned salts. Furthermore, our packaging is biodegradable and our menu is designed to minimise on food waste and our equipment runs on LPG, which is more efficient.

By think outside the box we keep our menu innovative and our prices down and more affordable, because we believe everyone should have access to good food. By sourcing produce locally – individuals, allotments & organisations, we support local farmers and hope we can encourage people in the community to grow for the community.

What More!

But, we want to do more than just sell fries– be more than a not-just-for-profit company. We aim to take our corporate social responsibility further and provide home cooked meals for street and malnourished children/families, using a converted van. This is because community is at the heart of what we do, and we believe we can have a mutually beneficial relationship. We will give back to the communities we serve by supporting local groups and charities and providing a food service to malnourished kids.

The Impact

If you invest in Spudzy not only will get to taste our great food, you will be helping to establish an ethical business and help a great product to market whilst adding children and families in need of food aid. Thank You!


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