Sportstailoring and equipment of a italian brand in Norway and Sweden

by Ferdy I. Øvrelid

My organization is active distributor in sports tailoring and sports equipment for a new brand, called FOURTEEN. SportsEye Industries HQ is based in Norway, and we are exclusive distributor for FOURTEEN in Norway and Sweden.

I am seeking investor or funding to create a stronger market position, and elevate my start up business to phase 2. With funding we intend to expand our storage facility and create a showroom for our customers to invite to experience. I am willing to give equity shares up-to 49% of my company.

Briefly about FOURTEEN:
FOURTEEN develops its strategy around a technical, leisure and footwear collection. The technical collection (team line) is dedicated to clubs and organizations (i.e. football, basketball …). The sport collection covers individual sports (i.e. tennis, running, golf, …)
The company is also developing a casual wear collection which aims to mix trendsetting garments and colors with an Italian design touch.

For more information;
Visit our website;

Looking forward arranging an appointment with you as soon as possible.

Kind Regards/ Med vennlig hilsen,

Dhr. F.S. Ibrahim

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