by Samuel. A Akinsola
(Gaborone, Botswana)

Botswana continues to be a consistent nation and environment for doing business, investment and even research for over 49years since independence as it continues to be rank one of the most peaceful countries in the world with ever stable democracy and strong currency which continues to amaze the world.

In my research through an initiative, I see it very prudent for investors to start considering investing in Sport especially football academy which really will continue to better the nation's sport advancement and even wealth for any potential investor. Football for example continues to be growing in recent years in Botswana and since then the government publicly announces to the whole world of its readiness now to open doors for Foreign Direct Investments in all sectors of the economy(especially Football) as it seeks to diverse its economy seeing sudden increase in new discoveries and education acceleration.

I and my youth group of which I am their leader have already spotted out two good locations where investors can have this Football academy located and I have already notified the minister and the government about my initiative in this respect and their response to give me a good go ahead in looking for investors to assist the government in this area was favorably granted since I engaged with the government both on the national Television and in different government offices.

The Football academy is needed to professionally build a formidable future stars through unleashing their football and sport potentials, showcase the country's passion for continuous sport developments and global sport advancement; which in turn makes any investor to have a very good share on return on investment and sound market share in the sustainable and ever competing economy. Many of our young boys and girls now sees themselves compared to future global football stars and many has quitted school just for the passion of football but still needs investment for their dreams to become reality completely. After putting every thing into good perspective regarding this investment proposal, I can say with confidence that it is a very prudent investment at this critical developmental stage of the country and an amount of an estimate $100M makes this a REALITY and paves way for good returns that can even breeds much more diversification in other similar or different investment areas.

"I am a youth leader who continues to empower other youths through different opportunities around the globe, IT progressive scholar, article writer, and a global achiever both academically, socially, collaboration and through development. I represent the youths of Botswana in every interest and the nation of Botswana every where I go to share experience or get more exposures. I am here to start inviting any potential investor to this cause and ready to take hi/her through every stage".

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