SPECTRUM ENTERTAINMENT RESORTS needs investor/silent partner

by Gary Bryfogle, President
(Whitehall, Pa. 18052)

SPECTRUM Entertainment Resorts, Inc

SPECTRUM Entertainment Resorts, Inc

We ARE a Brand and focused on clean , safe multiple entertainment venues and will be operating in major cities around the world with 1 million population or more. CONTACT GLB329@yahoo.com)

We takeover operating hotels that are profitable or may be under stress because of poor management that we deem fixable. We renovate to OUR style and add our entertainment venue spaces. Thus in most cases will quadruple sales! We cater to domestic and international group sales for hotel bookings also.

You must be able to meet personally with CEO and attorney to draft agreement
and have proof of funds or official bank document that insures your funding at time of meeting.

For investment of $3.2 million we offer 70% equity of all proceeds year 2 through 5. 20% year 5 through 7. A seat on the board as vice-president during the term of agreement.

We offer the 2nd through 5 year only because of renovation time and transition that should be fully expected and understood as we will need time to contract and complete the added venues.

WITH OPTION to fund all future site expansions as we are building a BRAND that we will take to major cities of 1 million or more population centers.

Based on our (AT MININUM) business plans at minimum beginning full year after acquisition. The (ROI)return on investment is projected as a total of $4,330,000 or interest on initial investment of $1,130,000 or roughly 35% interest rate.

No bank can offer this type of interest rate over 7 years.

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