by Papa abdoulaye sow

SOWTRANS is a transportation project studied and verified for a great business investment opportunity for investors and financers.

This is a project of Urban Transport Company in Dakar. Our company will put buses at stations road from Dakar to take pupils who are clients, merchants, workers, teachers etc.... Our goal is to dominate the transportation market by offering new services and strategies that will go to meet customer needs for their best safe movement. We count carried over one million people. The population of Dakar is over 3,000,000; our market share is 2% in the first year.

We can estimate the cut of our market to 2 326 929 consumers and with the
evolution of the population who increases of years in years, it may be carried
To 4 000 000 of consumers.
Dakar and 60% of the populations wait our project after our studies.
Share of the market:

Fix as objective to attain a share of headed of 20% in 15 years toward.
At last of the first year we count to hold 2.9 % of share of market, the
second 4.5% and the third year 5.4%.

For the present it takes us to attain imperatively 2% of share of market for power to cover
some and to guarantee a good departure.
The students will depict 22% of the Cash flows, enterprises workers 50%, traders them 16% and the others 12%.

The others companies of urban transport are DDD, AFTU, TAXI and others small transporters but they do not meet all the market needs of urban transport.

Financial Projections:

Year + Year +1 Year+2
Projected Turnover /year:
800 000 924 000 1 012 000
(Dollars in)
he net present value V.A.N = 366084,884

this project is handle by great youth entrepreneurs

Papa abdoulaye sow
phone:221 77 885 18 19
email: /

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