Southern Care Company

by Stewart O. Heath
(Franklin, TN Williamson)

Executive Summary page 1

Executive Summary page 1

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Harvard Grace Corporation is seeking capital investment of $2,250,000 to acquire master franchise rights and to capitalize a franchise development agent company, Southern Care Company, Inc., which will develop and operate franchised business units of a well established national senior care franchisor. The Company is prepared to offer a preferred return on the invested capital from the cash flow of the operations and will secure the investors’ capital with franchise property rights.

The franchisor provides the public with non-medical in-home personal care. The franchisor system includes a comprehensive proprietary web based management system. The franchisor also offers a proprietary comprehensive marketing and lead generation systems to build business units quickly. The franchisor is organized as a master franchise system. The franchisor is currently operating in 15 states with 38 franchise units in operation. Not only can single business unit franchises be purchased but master franchises can be acquired for predefined geographic areas. A master franchisor sells the business unit franchises to operators. A master franchisor earns ½ the initial fee paid by franchisees and ½ the franchise fee paid by franchisees based on revenues (3%) in perpetuity.

The in-home senior care market will be growing for the next 25 years. A recent government analysis states that over 3 million new home care jobs will be created by 2020. Accordingly, Harvard Grace Corporation has formed Southern Care Company (“The Company”) for the purpose of executing a franchise development strategy by acquiring the master franchise rights for all of Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia. The Company will enter a major city and develop not just one franchise but all or most of the franchises for that market. This brute force approach will maximize the franchise's marketing efforts and develop all or most of the area simultaneously. Advertising will be less expensive; more potential franchisee operators will become aware of the franchise opportunity sooner; the markets will develop and build out faster. The Company’s return on investment will be achieved faster and with less risk. Accordingly, instead of selling franchise units as startup enterprises, The Company will sell operating franchises that have been grown and developed for around 1½ to 3 years. The Company’s profit per unit could be increased by as much as tenfold.

The franchisor has 35 years of master franchise experience and specific experience in the senior care market. To succeed in a franchise business it is critical for a franchisor to have an opportunity that is within financial reach for most potential buyers. With an initial franchise fee investment of only $39,500, the franchise is readily accessible to many potential buyers. The business is designed so that it can easily be up and running for less than $50,000. Some other franchise systems may take several years before the unit has positive cash-flow. However, the franchisor focuses on helping new unit owners reach profitability quickly with training systems and programs in place to speed the unit owner to profits. The ROI potential for a unit franchise owner with this franchise is better than most opportunities. We believe it is realistic for a unit franchise owner to develop a six-figure income within the first two years with only a $50,000 investment.

The Principals

Stewart O. Heath, President and CEO

Mr. Heath was most recently the COO of The Magic Mile. Mr. Heath’s professional career spans well over 28 years; his diversified knowledge has allowed him to attain many business achievements. While an entrepreneur at heart, Mr. Heath gained valuable experiences while in association with other strong and innovative entrepreneurs, holding key positions of responsibility. His achievements earned him tremendous respect in his early years that promoted him to CFO and various board positions.

Mr. Heath’s strong background in finance, operations and administration are very beneficial in launching this new venture. Since Mr. Heath understands the values of building a strong management team, various key individuals are already on board to manage while he oversees the entire operations of the Company.


The Company is planning to offer Convertible Cumulative Preferred shares for a total amount of $2,250,000.

The example above demonstrates the possible per annum return of 25%. The preferred shares may also carry a convertible feature which allows the holders of the shares to convert their shares into voting common shares.

For more information contact:

Stewart O. Heath
Harvard Grace Corporation
2020 Fieldstone Parkway Suite 900-259
Franklin, TN 37069

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