sources of electrical energy of a new class

by Mark Tarasov
(Riga, Latvia)

We want to produce sources of electrical energy of a new class, this KNOW-HOW: We do not use the energy of wind, sun and water.

Energy sources for:
1. charging and power supply of all types of mobile phones and laptops, photo and movie sets and other devices (That is, this power stations on the pocket slightly larger than two matchboxes).
2. Powerful sources of alternating current from 10 to 20 kW.
They can provide electricity and heat homes, businesses and municipal Institutions of all profiles, all-electric vehicles.
They do not consume any fuel, small-sized, require no maintenance, and energy does not cost more) 0,01 - 0.02 euro / kWh.
These sources can be placed directly on the territory of the consumer. Thus in the electricity tariff is excluded postage energy.

About credit

1. For the manufacture of the industrial design an energy source with a power of 10kW, we need $ 350,000 and time of 6 months.
2. To prepare for the production of universal charging for all gadgets need $ 100,000 and time 3-4 months.

After that, we will invite you to a presentation in Riga and sign the main contract.
The full amount necessary to produce the output in accordance with the business plan is $ 2,800,000.
We want to work with a partner investor.
Therefore, no advanced payment.
All your expenses are compensated within two days after receipt of money on our account.
I ask you to offer the option of lending minus all expenses and the cost of guarantees and your remuneration before submitting loan amount to our account.

Indispensable condition the start of talks on granting a loan please send us a copy of the registration certificate, your business address and proof of the existence of the account the amount necessary for us.

All necessary documents confirms the existence of our company to provide immediate after the start of negotiations.

Sincerely, Mark Tarasov, Director
Sia The energy of the planēt "Earth" (Reg.№ 40103452358).
Riga LV1013, Latvia.
Tel. + 371 29813043 (only Russian)

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