Solar energy projects and investor opportunity Ghana 2017

by Nana R Kofi Osei Owusu
(accra ghana)

The ROOK GROUP are engaged in the development, research and promotion of solar energy, its components and solar energy power systems since its establishment.

The company has made continuous efforts for exploration and innovation to supply customers with safe, well-developed and advanced products based on the precondition of using science to create fortune and using products to service markets, by cooperation with many solar energy component companies, and a combination of many energy and self-controlled experts.

Now the company, in conjunction with its local partners in Ghana, wants to:
a. install a solar energy off grid system of approximately 2MW with the possibility of increasing the installed capacity to 10MW for the next 5 years at a site designated by our clients or customers. The main and major sites acquired so far in Lambussie, Upper West Region; Kubease, Juaben, in Ashanti Region and Okroase Adeiso in Eastern Region under the project name ROOK SOLAR.
b. drill and treat potable drinking water in around areas affected by galamsey (illegal) gold mining
c. erect cassava processing plants for high yielding cassava farming areas

The main purpose is to reduce the SHARE LOADING and high cost of electricity consumption by using solar energy. Solar energy system can operate 80-98% efficiency in a conservative approach. Because, Ghana has on average 45% higher solar radiation according to Ministry of Energy Feed-In Tariffs Policy on Solar Resource Generated Electricity, the country is located along the equator, the daily average solar radiation is above 5.4kWh/m2

Details to be discussed but USD5,000,000 is the provisional estimated cost for the 2MW Solar Power Plant.

The estimated cost of the acquisition and use of water drilling and transport systems is pegged at USD1,000,000.00 Drilling and treatment potable drinking water

The total investment in cassava processing factory is estimated at $2,000,000.00 and the working capital is estimated at $284 000 for the operation of the factory

Employment Creation
The project will employ a minimum of 100 people over the period.
-30% will be expatriates
-70% indigenous Locals

Technology Transfer & Training of Local staff
The main idea of employing 30% expatriates will ensure the indigenous staff under-study them to take over, hence, the transfer of technology within 1year after the completion of the power plant project.
Periodic training of local staff abroad will also be institutionalized.

Break Even Point

Break even is expected to be within five (5) years after completion of the project.
Minimum Life span of 25years=9,125days.
Guarantee period of 5years.

Please contact us for more and further details for study and approval

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