Smart and Light Rolls Out to U.S. - need Venture funding for Marketing

by Craig Daley

The Company

Smart & Light is a comprehensive, web-based program to combat obesity, reaching well beyond typical weight loss programs available online today. It is a doctor-endorsed, motivational program that combines a detailed and unique eLearning platform of gourmet foods, cooking videos, exercise videos and motivational one on one, online coaching with detailed tracking data for the individual. The 60-day program has proven successful internationally. The Founder and CEO, Sophie Reverdi, launched the company in 2006 in Tunisia and has invested over 500,000 EUR just in the interactive website,, in French, and currently completing the translation to English. The website in progress is named and will be the functional website, marketed globally with language translation toggles in place.

The total global weight loss market was expected to be worth US $586.3 billion by end of 2014, out of which the North America market will account for nearly 43% of the total revenues. (published by Markets and Markets, ( market-research-28.html) .

Sophie was morbidly obese herself and lost 180 lbs. at the age of 18. With this victory, she swore to come to the aid of the ever more numerous obese people. For twenty years, she sought for the best way, the natural and simple method to help them. Her greatest wish was to find a formula that would help individuals lose weight without suffering. To this day, she has helped more than 700 people to regain their healthy weight by utilizing the Smart and Light program.
“Learning to lose weight online” in the form of an ELearning program was Sophie’s primary objective as she dreams of overcoming this ever-increasing epidemic globally and is, in reality, easy to confront when on as the proper tools. Sophie Reverdi is today recognized for her exemplary coaching program by the greatest international medical experts, scientists, sociologists and economists in addition to the hundreds of people who are thankful for the effectiveness of her program.
Smart & Light, SAS goal is to expand the company internationally, beginning with North America and, as such, created Smart & Light, Intl. (US), LLC as a Delaware Limited Liability Company. A very strong management team has been established as well as a President named for US/North America operations. Details on the entire management team can be found in the complete business plan.
The company ceased operations in Tunisia due to the sociopolitical events and Sophie left Tunisia, moving to Paris where she currently resides. As a result, the company went dormant and recruited the current individuals to breathe life back into it, beginning the work of the website rework, translation and marketing.
The Approach
Management has identified numerous market segments that this program would be appropriate for in addition to the individual user captured on the website include,
i. Post-bariatric surgery maintenance
ii. Weight loss clinics
iii. Associations
iv. Self-help and obesity support groups
v. Therapists – physical & mental
vi. Insurance companies’ healthy living programs
vii. Health/fitness spa salons
viii. Employee benefit packages
ix. School & educational programs
x. Retail kiosks

The uniqueness of this eLearning opportunity provides numerous marketing opportunities to these segments that, for the most part, have not been aggressively pursued by mainline competitors. Clearly, the weight-loss industry is laden with well-branded programs or diets, making for a large amount of competition with significant market share. However, the Smart & Light program utilizes a more comprehensive approach that is geared for the obese – not just the overweight – and will draw a large niche of obese individuals who have failed numerous times and moreover, the clinical and medical professionals market due to the highly-endorsed approach of food, exercise and self-image coaching.

The Opportunity

The Company is seeking a minimum of $250,000 in an equity funding structure agreeable to all. The funds will be used primarily to launch marketing and create a sales plan utilizing independent sales representatives across the country as well as support initial costs and expenses of the operation. In addition, aggressive SEO of the website, direct sales to the group and institutional markets and extreme social media will be an integral part of the plan. None of the officers, partners, management team or affiliates currently working with the company is receiving any compensation except shares of the company due to their belief in and commitment to the Smart & Light program.

After thorough analysis of the potential profitability, the projections indicate very conservative Net Ordinary Income of almost $3 million after the first 3 years on revenues of less than $3.0 million. This includes eventual salaries for the management team as well after year 1. Management also believes that with additional funding, these projections would increase exponentially as the business model is very simple, scalable and supports the economies of scale with increased revenues. The company welcomes and will review all proposals for types and amounts of funding structure.

Business Plan

A complete Business Plan will be provided to interested and qualified investors upon execution of Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality agreement. The plan will detail management, forecasts, business model and marketing.

Please contact Craig Daley for interest or additional information:
Telephone: (954) 378-9239
Skype: Interwealth_ec

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