SK Plast Holding

by Slav Luginin

Good day! We are looking for an investor, who is willing to invest in the expansion of our production in Russia. Our company is 10 years old already produces plastic pipes and we want to expand the range of products. We have a stable business with a turnover, but we are committed to a breakthrough, and we need a mezzanine for sales growth. This is due to the fact that in Russia the main sales take place in the summer, and in winter, our production runs, which would create the necessary reserves.

First step
Our plan is now to find an investor to 7 to 10 million euros, to whom we offer a stake in the business,

Second step
then we will, together with the mezzanine investrom create a special investment fund in Russia, which will go to the investor takes a corner stone of the capital 100 - 300 million euros, to build two modern plastic plants for the production of plastic pipes, make the absorption of the two major competitors and to build a factory for the production of raw materials in Russia for the production of plastic

A unique opportunity for investors. You can call or leave a message on our website for Specialty investor:

After checking the investor and the registration and signing the necessary NDA, we are ready to grant access to the database for investors.

Handle only with serious intentions.

In touch

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