SIPPGen10 - Localised Modular Power Generation Systems for Industrial Parks

by Dennis McMahon
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

ASEAN Cities SIPPGen10 Programme

Local Off-Grid Energy

Solutions for Industrial Park Power Generation

**** Executive Summary for Funders ****

Our SIPPGen10 Programme is based on local modular power generation technology (10 x 3mW per containerised unit) combined with on-site produced algae -based biofuel.

With the system and technology we utilise, we control both the generation AND the fuel source, so costs are under (our) perfect control.

**** Business and Revenue Models ****

Our business model are BOOT PPP's and our revenue model is Preferential Tariff-rated "Take or Pay" Take Off Agreements with municipal governments.

Our target clients are large ASEAN cities and our target locations are industrial parks in those cities.

**** The SIPPGen10 Programme ****

The SIPPGen10 Funder Overview (available on request) provides funders with a clear picture of not only the demand for energy and power solutions in ASEAN Cities, but also why the SIPPGen10 Programme is the only true energy alternative that city leaders and industry have.

The "business as usual" slow to build, expensive and inflexible power generation systems are not suited to the needs of modern industry and cities; particularly large and growing cities as found across ASEAN.

**** Power drives cities ****

With industrial energy on tap, industry can come and grow; employment prospects improve, tax revenues increase. So ... no power, no services, no city.

But building the normal grid-connected electricity generation and distribution infrastructure is lengthy, capital intensive and, once built, inflexible.

It cannot be picked up and relocated elsewhere, so even the siting decision process can take years.

Industry cannot wait that long; decisions are made today and implemented tomorrow - and if the decision makers in one location or country take too long, well, industry still makes its decisions quickly.

They just decide to set up somewhere else.

And the demand for a better energy solution is there; a quick scan of the internet shows many cases of power shortages across ASEAN countries; a quick snapshot of the largest ASEAN countries (below) shows plenty of scope for "filling the gaps":

**** ASEAN Power Shortages ****













**** The SIPPGen10 Solution ****

So you can see why a localised, flexible, fully controllable alternative energy source would be attractive right?

Particularly in the industrial setting, where outages not only cause large costs but also impact on the local residents and employees.

We believe that the SIPPGen 10 Programme provides that solution, in a way that is easy for the clients (i.e. cities, goverments, power agencies, etc) to deploy.

Using the Magnum Modular Power Generation designed equipment (the power generation equipment), combined with their micro-algae biofuel technology (the fuel source), makes for a complete end to end energy solution.

**** Project Status ****

So the Project Status is:

• There are multiple Industrial Park opportunities throughout ASEAN that are available for the SIPPGen10 solution

• The investment costs are known (1x SIPPGen10 30mW installation is USDS$25M).

• The dual role technology is proven (Japan and Korea).

• The revenues are certain ("Take or Pay" Preferential Tariff Rates Take Off Agreements)

• The Clients are credit-worthy (municipalities and governments).

• The SIPPGen10 Team is ready (Engineering, Technology, Project management, deployment).

**** What we want from you? ****

We just need you to support funding for the multiple SIPPGen10 deployments we will broker.

**** What's in it for you? ****

So our very simple question to you is - what do you need in order to fund these projects?

1. Extra securities?

◦ Lien over assets?
◦ Lien over state lands?
◦ Lient over state assets outside the country?
◦ Equity stake in the technology provider?

2. Interest rate returns?

◦ LIBOR + 3%?
◦ LIBOR + 2%?
◦ Other rates?

3. Repayment schedules?

◦ Annually?
◦ End of term?
◦ 6 monthly?

4. What other terms and conditions need to be met for you to be comfortable?

You tell us what it would take for you to fund multiple SIPPGen10 Programmes at USD$25M each, so we know what terms to take back to the technology providers and the Clients.

If they agree, we close the deal.

If they don't, we all move on.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Dennis McMahon
ASEAN CleanTech Network, Founder and CEO, Creator of the SIPPGen10 Programme

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