Short Term Investment $10,000 ROI 200%


I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about Talley Capital Inc, Talley Capital has team edup with James H. Park in the marketing and distribution of Talk-N-Tutor TM/Freedom Pack Educational Program.

I have gathered additional background material, which includes an executive summary, pictures of the product, marketing, and receipts from an email blast marketing campaign. I invite you to contact me for a copy of the material to review at your convenience. We are looking for $10,000 to be used in marketing the 90,000 units on our websites and to run late night commercials.

I also have enclosed a copy of the commercial we will run on Hispanics TV stations.


PASSWORD: FPUSA (all capital letters)

This is from the link in Amazon for Talk N Tutor Ad's:

This is our website for the Talk-N-Tutor Freedom Pack:

So If you are still interested simply call me, Thomas Talley and I can thoroughly explain to you again in detail why we need this loan and how we will pay you back and answer any questions you have.

Thank you,

The Tutor 'N' Tutor TM (T-N-T) product is an automated tutor. T-N-T fosters learning by doing. The Tutor component guides the clientele practice with spoken instruction and feedback. Individualization and effectiveness are achieved in two ways: special helper keys enable slow learners to get extra help. Our target clientele will be geared towards the growing illegal Hispanic population that would like to become a Legal US Citizen.

Please let me know if this opportunity falls within your investing interests. If it does, I would appreciate the opportunity to set up an appointment to speak with you to discuss it further.,

Thank you for your consideration.

Thomas Talley

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