Sergey Maslenkov

by Sergey Maslenkov

Dear Sir/Madam,,
Our Company (private investments) unites private Investors with different financial opportunities.
We realize projects in different branches to economy and aren't limited to territorial signs.
Our company considers a question of implementation of the project on construction of processing
environmentally friendly plant on processing of carbon of containing waste (tires), in the territory of
Europe. Samples of similar plants (from our producer, we are shareholders) already work at the
territory of Russia and Europe.
For implementation of this project in the territory of Europe, the 30 tons/days plant is chosen as us.
The cost of the land plot under implementation of this project – 3.6.
We receive composite fuel of 24,0 tons per day.
Is established additional the equipment for obtaining thermal and electric energy – according to technical characteristics of received fuel after processing of waste.
Output capacity of a complex of a received useful product:
- Electric energy – to 12 MWt/hour.
- Hot water + 95 C, which, can go to the corresponding consumers (after the steam turbine) – to 16 MWt.
Term of production of the equipment, installation of equipment and construction – 12 months.
The total cost of direct investments is defined of 10.000.000,00 Euro.
This project interesting to that improves an ecological situation in Europe, allows to receive the
alternative electric power and thermal energy.
For the Investor the moratorium on a conclusion of means from the project within 16 months will be
The income on investments is planned - 15% per annum.
Payment of percent will begin in 16 months, after project start. Payment of percent will be made
monthly or quarterly. Return of fixed assets – in 4 years, at a time. As providing, to the Investor are
offered as a deposit - shares of the company, on period of validity of the contract.
The minimum size of investments – 5.000,00 Euro (means are fixed in euro, without exchange rates)
All information on placement of investments and contracts can be received, having contacted us or
having sent the message on mail-
We are ready to cooperate with financial brokers on a question of attraction of means in our project.
Conditions are discussed separately, payment by results of work!!!

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by: Anonymous

Dear Sir/Madam,

I invite Private Angel Investor(BUT NOT CREDITOR! ! ! ).
Our Company is appealing to you with the offer to participate in the project business in Europa(the EU jurisdiction).
My project for the construction of environmentally friendly factory for processing carbon-containing waste (tires) and obtaining alternative energy, on the territory of Europe(EU), total cost 25.000.000,00 EUR.

Our company seeking project finance.
I look for the Investor for the project, it is necessary 1,5М euro, for project start.

Agreed, getting an investment loan for the full amount of funding after receipt by the Company - Construction permits.

I ask to provide the contact information for communication:- phone, Skype, site.
Unfortunately, many swindlers work at this site. I am sure that you correctly understand my request - about contact information.

Dear Agents/broker/intermediary - we are ready to pay your commission - after the transfer of investments (assets) for the company!
Under the following attention not interest to giving upfront fees or any own сollateral real estate!!!


Should you have further question, please feel free to contact me directly.
Awaiting for your immediate reply to move on to the next appropriate funding business services cooperation stage.

Sergey Maslenkov
Chairman and CEO
YLENTA-COTA Gold Corporation
Company of private investments
Skype: zmiy6593

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