Senior Health Care In Mexico

by George Wade
(Santa Rosalia BCS Mexico)

Plan 1

The problem is obvious; the population of the United States is aging. Ten thousand Americans are turning 65 every day. The average cost for long term senior care is $8.000 per month and rising. This situation will continue for many years into the future. Now is the time to invest in income producing real estate. Prices for land and construction are lower than they have been for years and the market is beginning to turn upward. This is an opportunity to invest in a 20 residential unit Senior Care Resort on the Sea of Cortez. The potential for growth and appreciation is excellent. Combine this with a 30% return on investment per year created by the revenue generated by the operation and this investment is hard to beat. How can we do it for $4,000 per month?

Mexico is the answer. More and more people are coming to Mexico to save thousands of dollars on health care. We want to build a beautiful Sea Side Resort where we can provide care for seniors who can no longer care for themselves. We have a 60 acre real estate development near Santa Rosalia, BCS Mexico; see our website, The property is beautiful and located right on the shores of The Sea of Cortez. We have put in the infrastructure necessary for a project like this including great fresh water, electricity and a sewer system. We have made all the connections necessary to staff a facility like this including doctors and nurses. This opportunity is not a temporary situation; senior health care will be a major industry here for many years into the future.
Attention US investors! This investment can be owned in the US and controlled by a US company eliminating many concerns about investing in Mexico.
Here is the financial information associated with a 20 residential unit long-term seaside senior care facility.
It is our intention to build and operate a Seaside Resort senior care facility near Santa Rosalia on San Lucas Cove in Baja Mexico. The total cost of construction, land and operating expenses for two years will be $1,500,000. We have offered 70% of the company for sale to a limited amount of investors. A substantial portion of the investment is secured by real estate, the land and buildings. When the facility is operational it should generate $960,000 per year and net about $645,000. Investors should expect a return of around 30% per year and also share in the appreciation of the real estate. We would also expect to expand our business here and to other locations in Mexico. There are 10,000 Americans reaching age 65 every day. In the future we could be servicing thousands of seniors all over Mexico. Our exit strategy would be to sell the company to a larger health care firm or to take the company public.
See plan 2 below.

Plan 2
Real Estate Development

A major concern for seniors considering retiring in Mexico is the availability of high quality health care in close proximity to where they would buy. A 100 unit health care facility would be a magnet for real estate development.
Our plan would be to acquire the Cove Community, a 60 acre real estate development on San lucas Cove on the shores of the Sea of Cortez. There is sufficient land and infrastructure for a multi use health care operation, long term care and assisted living along with residential housing.
The cost of an operation of this scope would be approximately ten million dollars. The funds would be used to acquire the land, build the facility and for initial operations.
Mexico is a beautiful country with great weather and awesome scenery. There are many real estate developments and each has something to offer, a golf course, fishing etc. We feel that health care will make us unique. The potential for real estate development here is unlimited. There is a great deal of beach front land adjacent to the Cove Community to make this project one of the best in Baja.
For more detailed information or to request a prospectus please see our web site, or contact George Wade toll free, at US 800 409 6320 Skype 949 200 6324 Mexico 615 104 2566 or email at

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Seniors Care Industry
by: Michael Skinner

I am with a development company, who is now launching our own holding company, specializing in Seniors Care in Canada. We have many viable projects, requiring financing, as well are connected to investment funds working with us at this time, looking for additional projects we can assume under our brand, as we are also the management portion of the business typically. Please forward any projects looking for investment or JV as well and investors looking to invest in Vancouver, BC Canada at this time. All the Best.

More details on how to get in?
by: Marc

This sounds like a great investment. Your sentence below prompts me to write this comment. What does limited amount of investors mean? How does an investor subscribe, what is the minimum investment?
"We have offered 70% of the company for sale to a limited amount of investors. A substantial portion of the investment is secured by real estate, the land and buildings."

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