Send lawyers, guns and money!!!!

by Valery
(Johnson City, NY, USA)

Okay, I’m not looking for guns. I am looking for people who will help me raise $10,000 for a chance at a sole distributorship of a sustainable green product in the pet industry. While running the numbers, I've calculated that I would be able to match my current salary assuming I can lock in the distributorship for two states.

I've done enough research on the industry while pursuing my MBA to know that sales in the market are projected to grow worldwide for years. More research has shown that exotics are owned by 50% of pet owners. The product is a coconut husk substrate used in the reptile industry. I questioned the company extensively to insure they were using sources that were free of pesticides and harvested without slave or animal labor. The product has already been tested by myself and other members of the reptile community and it lives up to the hype.

I'm planning on creating an LLC and I've already reserved URLs with Google and sent in the forms to reserve the name with the state. The only missing item in my plan is the funds to purchase the inventory. I have a "tale of woe" which you may read on my gofundme page. It will list the series of unfortunate events which lead me to depend on others to help as opposed to financing this endeavor on my own.

What the gofundme page does not tell you is that I've got a BS in Management of Information Systems and about half the credits to finish my MBA. My brother owned a pet store years ago and I worked with him to understand the market. I also have help in the form of muscle to help me transport the product to shows to increase sales. I have been actively cultivating contacts in the reptile community both locally and throughout the United States and I'm confident that I will be able to succeed if given the chance.

Any help or advice is welcome, thank you for your time.

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