Seeking the Collaboration partners, Investors and Sponsors for the Asian and Japanese market.

by Takahumi Onogi

We have deployed a consulting business at Japan and Asian market.
And we have collaboration with a various specialized partners mainly in Japan.

Currently, our groups are planning to the following projects for the various Asian markets and Japan.

Our vision and Concepts ; Formation of integrated services group for all Asian entrepreneurs or venture companies and SME.

Financial Category (As the most important service)
- Launching the function of venture fund or capital providers.
- M&A (Type of Hands-on) , Turn Around , etc...
- Loans, Grants, etc...
- Other servicing

Consulting / Advisory Category,
- Management consulting
- Business Development /Planning
- Funding Consulting /Advisory
- Other servicing

Other Service
- International Human resource service
- Various Business Trade
- Business Matching

The business locations for start-up,
Headquartered in one of Japan or Singapore or each countries.

Relationship with the collaboration partners,
- The business operations by joint investment (JV)
- Investment to our business
- The funding to business that our group introduce
- Other methods

Our Japanese side has a capacity to accept the various proposed and consultation.

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by: Anonymous

Dear Takahumi,

We would be happy for a further discussion. Please contact us at


I may be able to help
by: Brian

Dear Takahumi,

Please follow the advice below in order to continue, thank you.

I may be able to help; my funding sources are accredited investors who fund projects worldwide within any industry that is legal within any country, for startup and existing companies, daily. If one of my funding sources shows interest in your project, you will have the opportunity to talk directly to the investor, who at that time will provide references of clients who have received funding. I help businesses receive funding they need to create businesses, purchase businesses or grow existing businesses. I also help sellers close their sales by providing financing for their buyers, and I help brokers and funding sources close their hard to fund deals.

Please go to my web site, and read all the way through it, there is deliberately advice provided by the funding sources to help entrepreneurs before they apply in addition to detailed criteria from the funding sources as to the types of projects they are seeking for profitable investments. The more you know about the funding process, and the better you understand the process, start to finish, the higher the probability that you will receive funding, I cannot stress this enough, and it makes an enormous difference.

This entire industry revolves around the understanding of “perceived risk.” Your job as an entrepreneur is to do everything possible to reduce investors’ perceived risk of your company’s project, it is why you are asked for business plans containing executive biographies of all owners & management, financial statements, bank statements in addition to cash and non-cash collateral; these reduce “perceived risk.” Also, investors conduct due diligence for all entrepreneurs before deciding whether to invest in a project because if investors verify during due diligence that your submitted data is accurate and honest, that also reduces “perceived risk.”

Please read through the advice within my web site first, then send an email to me to continue. I am compensated when my clients receive funding, so I have a vested financial interest in trying to help you receive money. Good luck and I hope my investor business partners fund your project, take care.


What are you looking for ?
by: Koegler Bruno

This is unclear, what are you looking for exactly? Projects to invest in and relocating to Japan? If yes, count me in if you can finance it. See my post here:

By the way, you don't show any contact possibility...

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