Seeking Investor/Investors for a Night Club Venture in London

by David Harris
(London UK)

The location of the property is Southend Town Centre, Southend Town Centre is a major retail, employment and commercial centre serving a catchment population of over 325,000 people. It lies at the heart of the Borough and its health and vitality are critical to the well being of the local economy.
In the years leading up to 2021, the Southend Council will be investing into the Town Centres well being, to include transport, retail, employment, open space, minerals and the protection and enhancement of the natural and historic environment, including conservation areas.
Southend is home to one of the campus's for the Essex University whose student capacity is nearly 12,500

Currently the property is a nightclub spread over a basement and 3 further floors, a total area of 945sqm,
at full capacity the night club can entertain approximately 1500 people.

The plan going forward is to reduce the
Night Club area to 2 floors the Basement(367sqm) and the Ground floor(242sqm), capacity to entertain approx. 1,200 people.

There is a huge marketing opportunity for the club - the club has no marketing strategy/plans currently,
the student market has not yet been addressed in the area and with Southend Council investing and promoting the area
and the new business potential for the area,which the club can tailor requirements to very quickly if necessary, the potential is vast.
In the first instance The club will be opened 4/5 days per week prominently Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday and Bank Holiday Sunday subject to licence.
These days may be changed/extended subject to requirement.
The expected turnover for the nightclub will be a minimum turnover of approximately £25,000.00 per week.

To further convert the first(274sqm) and second floors (62sqm) to flats (see plan attached)
There is already a provisional planning application for 5 x 2 bedroom flats - the total area is approximately 336sqm
these could potentially be sold leasehold for between £200,000.00/£250,000.00 or rented with an income of approx. £4000.00/4500.00 pcm in total.
There is a requirement in the area for both leasehold properties and rental accommodation especially for the student market, however with the Southend Council Investing into the area heavily in the coming years the market could become more lucrative.
If I can be of any further assistance or offer any more information please do not hesitate to contact me at e.mail

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