Seeking Funding for expansion from Local to Global

by Rached

1st. Choice:

Loan / Borrowing
The Company “Wikilines, llc” seeking a Lender for a 100% International Loan of US$ 20 M, Generally for your provisional backgrounds; in my actual business plan of US$ 20 Million for the term of 5 up to 10 years, what you shall review with details about; this is only my start-up / company expansion a one small part of all budgets of the group of Chained / dynamic circle with the 12 Sectorial Companies intended to create for the dynamic of strategy aiming the low cost. If I go larger in the Industrial expansion (cement Factory etc…) I can reach the Loan amount on investments of 200 M in only 32 months, depend ever more from Lending party.

2nd. Choice:
Partly stock Association Proposal
Solution of “The Mezzanine Stock Association”
For dissemination, implementation and development of the company was created on 2011, the project covers a range of subsidiaries and dynamic business strategy to plan and with a capital of $ 20 million in two years, the project cost of the real needs are for funded. According to the results of the feasibility study of our extensive studies for five years, the minimum income average of profit rates a NET 20% annually.
The required Association with cash / BG or whatever the preference use of Mode, is for an investment partnership in the value between 5% and 10% of the total (Intended) capital of $ 20 million. Therefore, one partnership agreement amount equal to twice the amount paid for 200% profit and holds the equivalent of 5% of the capital in the Fund ownership, it means only if the capital is to have enrolled 10% of net income in partnership with 5%. And the offset is calculated every three months for a period of 4 years by a total of five years, with the selling price of the original price in the period of Partnership review or renewal.
Concluded from the business plan: With a 5% participatory capital = $ 1 million or expected return less, according to the feasibility study and if you choose the duration of the partnership 5 years = NET is 4 years with 10% of the annual net return = 400 000 out of 4 million annual rate = total profits of $ 1.6 M with the stock value in his time. Value of the shares is expected to be at least 300% evaluated after 5 years = 3 M. At ground Stock, we add to the original amount of 1 M Fund a total profit estimate is 3.6 million this corresponds to the level of 72% of annual profits to translate.
Duration of partnership included the expansion period; is known a grace period of a whole year shall repayment free and the yield calculated bankable for the coming year. Sellable shares available only 5% and one-time investor contract, the 20 M US$ shall arranged from international investor sources soon as the Projects starting on January 2016

3rd. Choice:
full Association Proposal
The Company wikilines Limited shall be the major shareholder for the international known STANDARD association Law and also management responsible with the potential of Human Capital resource own 51%; Investor and/or Second Party shall be the Capital and fund Shareholder owning 49%.
The Yearly ROI by our experience in Dubai- UAE and Qatar and in our professionally business planning can easily reach the 20%. With the speed of our trading turnover and economic in the cost we shall be in the front of an ROI level of 35% on the third Year.

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