Seeking angel investors/partners specialized in funding early stage stealth start-up in IT. First mover, high growth in specialized market

by Patricia Rimok
(Montreal, Canada)

The Need: Governments of strapped cash countries ( Portugal, Spain…) and OECD (USA, Canada, UK, Australia…) with growing and accumulated deficits compete to attract the 214 million high end, growing migrant market to invest in their economies, respond to targeted labor needs and create jobs. Despite these efforts, all confirm poor migrant employment insertion outcomes (double the national unemployment average) to very poor retention outcomes of migrant businesses, capital and assets.In Canada, studies have shown that wage gaps and excess unemployment of skilled migrants represent a loss of $30.5 billion equivalent to 2.1% of GDP and additional gaps in support services, connectivity and business opportunities to migrant entrepreneurs/investors, another $1 billion in lost annual revenue. In the US, close to half of the 40 million immigrants are unemployed. Neither governments, high end migrants, NGO’s or the private sector have been able to collaborate together to significantly improve on these outcomes due to the complexity and costs of informing, securing, sourcing, connecting, scaling and centralizing the disparate needs of each.

The solution: The ib2ib Business Immigration Online/Offline Connector, Accelerator, Supporter & Wealth Generator. With a first proof of concept already online, the ib2ib portal allows its different customers - immigrants, service providers, employers, governments, business sector opportunities...- to connect faster and do business with each other and acquire visibility on the net for a fraction of the cost and time: The concept was created by both ex government official specialized in immigration and artificial intelligence expert.

The Investment: Seeking $1.3 million CDN investment over 3 years to convert proof of concept to a commercialization, b2b platform and software application. Open to equity returns or revenue financing investment models.

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