Seeking Additional Financing Partners

by Linda King
(South Carolina, USA)

Hello - We are seeking to connect with additional resources for our clients looking for non-tradional and creative financing for Commercial Real Estate, Business and Residential Fix & Flip projects.

Currently we work with financing firms and are looking to bring in Individuals or firms who can help us in supporting professionals within these industries. Some Projects are on the small end, $10k or more for Business or Fix & Flip and some are Commercial real estate projects $100M or more...

I am looking for long-term, professional networking opportunities with the majority of Projects existing in the US, as well as some International.

Please connect with me and let me know if you support, or would be interested, in assisting us with our clients' needs for financing!

Thank you and I look forward to the opportunity to connect for business.

Linda King, Owner
Legacy Asset Solutions

6420 Rea Rd., Suite A1340
Charlotte, NC 28277
407-340-2319 cell EDT

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