Seeking a short 2M or large 15M accredited investor PPM VC Debt/Equity 50% “second” investor on 2 picture slate @30M

by Benjamin
(Los ANgeles, CA,USA)

Always Another Mountain -cystic Fibrosis

Always Another Mountain -cystic Fibrosis

Always Another Mountain -cystic Fibrosis The 3 Furies - greek mythology of justice Dark Between the Stars - They live amongst us Darwin Falls - Serving up vistors since 1986

a 2 picture deal that is backed at 50%. We are seeking accredited investor PPM VC Debt/Equity or inclusive Co Production deals. Our investor holds a co-production deal and equity stake already. We have been down this rabbit hole a few times now we are not interested in tire kickers or multi broker interactions; we are ready with LOI’s directorial actors and our 50% funding are you!

The first project is a female driven thriller adapted from Greek mythology in the vein of “Cabin in the woods” and “Possession” (2012); this project is prepped and cast with name director and leads. Exit strategy is a TV Series.

The second will be at a Philadelphia, Patch Adams level. A story about the will to live and smile despite the debilitating disease cystic fibrosis; an A list director is attached and Paradigm is in support on all projects as soon as the bank vault closes. Truly a philanthropic piece in the fight against 65 Roses.

Please note we have 2 other investment options available with a 60 day turnaround for 2 to 5 million dollar placements. POF and movable funds only.

Accredited and serious investors only on a direct email to

You will receive an NDA and information to follow.

Benjamin Easterday
VP Producer
Greenstem Enterprises Inc

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